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Link Building Packages- Link building Service- Relevant Reciprocal Link Building - Seomoz Link Building

Webposition-seo Basic
Keywords 12.95 per keyword (minimum 6 keywords)
1500 forum profiles guaranteed PR2-PR6
50 Article Directory Submissions 2 Original Titles & Descriptions; Content is included
30 web 2.0 submissions
150 Social Bookmark Sites
50 Social Network sites
RSS & Ping Aggregator Submission
URL Submission report

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Webposition-seo Plus
Keywords 19.95 per keyword (minimum 6 keywords)
2500 forum profiles Guaranteed PR2-PR6
70 Article Directory Submissions 5 Original Titles & Descriptions; Article content is included
70 web 2.0 Submissions PR2-PR6
300 Social Bookmark Sites
150 Social Network Site
50 EDU Links Per Month
3 .GOV Links Per Month
RSS & Ping Aggregator Submission
URL Submission Report

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Webposition-seo Gold
Keywords 29.95 per keyword (minimum 6 keywords)
3000 forum profiles Guaranteed PR2-PR6
200 Article Directory Submissions 10 Original Titles & Descriptions; Article content is included
125 web 2.0 Submissions PR2-PR6
400 Social Bookmark Sites
300 Social Network Site
125 EDU Links Per Month
3 .GOV Links Per Month
RSS & Ping Aggregator Submission
URL Submission Report
1 Youtube 60 second video Per Month

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Webposition-seo Platinum (The Kitchen Sink)
Keywords 39.95 per keyword (minimum 9 keywords)
5500 forum profiles Guaranteed PR2-PR6
400 Article Directory Submissions 15 Original Titles & Descriptions; Article content is included
150 web 2.0 Submissions PR2-PR6
600 Social Bookmark Sites
400 Social Network Site
250 EDU Links Per Month
6.GOV Links Per Month
RSS & Ping Aggregator Submission
2 Youtube 60 second video Per Month
free site analysis with 6 month subscription
1 squidoo lens keyword specific each month

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Link Building Packages- Link building Service- Relevant Reciprocal Link Building - Seomoz Link Building

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Most seo sink building services sell you one way link building packages or back link packages with litte regard for your true needs. Also they don't stand behind the service they sell. is adding value by making our service accountable for each and every link and commendation we give to our valued customers.

Webposition-Seo makes choosing a link building package easy. Most Link building services have little regard for you actual Link build requirement and leave you to discover the right amount of links needed when you subscribe to any of the link building services online But has set a need standard for the link building industry. Link Assurance( hyperlink) link assurance will guide you and help you make the right link building choice no matter type of link building package you are looking for whether it’s a a back link package or one way link building .Link Assurance help you see tangible results that can be measured for you back link building.

Our expert Seo consultants will do a formal review of your site, keywords and meta tags in addition to reproducing your top five competitors linking structure and will make specific recommendations. Your consultant creates a written report with all the recommendations needed to put your site at the top of the SERP. There is a processing fee of $ 200 that is refunded back to you monthly beginning with your first month of your One way link building subscription and continuing for six consecutive months.

No more guessing how many back links you need. You’ll have a clear road map of objectives and necessary steps to get better rankings for your site. Follow our recommended plan for your site for six months on a subscription and if you don’t see an improvement, get a refund (terms and conditions apply).

What is link building?

Link building is the process of obtaining inbound links to a web site. Reciprocal links are merely an exchange of links between two website owners or managers who agree to display one another's link. One way link building can be accomplished by appropriating a link from other web sites such as forums, directories, articles, and newsletters. Social media sites, such as Face book, Twitter, Stumble Upon and You tube, are another good way to build one-way links to a web page .With one-way link building, There are no reciprocal links to add to your site. Which is the best type of link to have? A combination of reciprocal and one way links is an effective strategy to pursue in terms of link building types for a web site. A web page's Search Engine relevancy is determined by the content, quality and number of inbound links associated with that site.

Meaningful copy and links which determine search engine relevancy

Web page relevance is best defined as meaningful content for web page visitors to read and understand. It is the combination of meaningful copy and back links which determine search engine relevancy. For example, if you were selling Nike cross-training sneakers your content would try to describe the color, material, performance and durability of the shoes being sold. The links to this hypothetical example should come from other sites which offer athletic equipment or from article directories containing reviews of the specific product. The interrelationships of content and link building are what makes your site relevant.

Link popularity is a measure inbound links to web a site

Link popularity for a particular site is a measure inbound links to web a site. Is it better to have more links? Will this make a site's web pages more relevant? Relevance is not determined by any single component;Search engines use link popularity in their algorithm to consider the relevance of a website.

Not all links are considered equal

How many back links should a web site have? This will require a linking analysis of all competing web sites for a unique niche. Considering the previous example of a site selling Nike cross-training shoes, it is found that in order to compete in this specific niche, sites placed on the first page for Google will have 100 inbound links. Therefore in order for a new site to place on the first page, the new site will have to have at least the same amount of inbound links as sites that have first page placement. Bear in mind that links from sites with similar or related content are considered more relevant and of higher quality than those from irrelevant sites. Quality with quantity is the rule of measure.

Keyword anchor text is another consideration of one way link building

Anchor text is another consideration of one way link building. Anchor text is the clickable text that directs user to another page such as a link to The link will take you to our SEO page. This text is important as it defines what that landing page will be about. Google uses this link text as an indication of the content or topic of that page. Having anchor text which says "Read More or Click Here" is not as defining as "Click here for More information about Nike cross-training shoes". Using anchor text with specific keywords that match the keywords in the content of the landing page is very important. Additional consideration should be given to using keywords in page names or URLS. For instance, your keyword anchor text might be Big red apple barn. On the landing page for this anchor text, there should be the keyword Big red apple barn within the content of the web page. The landing page URL Could be: Sites that have anchor text as part of their page name in their URL will rank somewhat higher than other which do not.